On WWE Monday Night RAW, Theory, who was built up as the next big star, had his first big moment of glory.

It was a strange scene as Austin Theory, who now competes only as Theory, celebrated his first title win. At WWE Monday Night RAW, a group of villains gathered around the 24-year-old who was built up as the next big star. They included tag teams Hurt Business and Alpha Academy, as well as former US Champion Apollo Crews. The highlight then followed when Vince McMahon himself turned up to congratulate them.

Theory with big win

Theory’s week-long feud with US Champion Finn Balor culminated in a title match. As in previous clashes, Theory won this clash clearly. After his special attack, the ATL, a Fireman’s Carry Cutter, he pinned Finn and thus won his first title in WWE.

As in previous weeks, the standing of the two opponents became clear. Balor on the one hand didn’t even make it to the WrestleMania card and held the US title without being allowed to shine. Theory on the other hand had a WrestleMania match and celebrated memorable moments with Pat McAfee, Vince McMahon and Steve Austin at the show. In addition, he was able to dominate the feud with Balor in recent weeks. The title change is therefore only logical.

VinceMcMahon congratulates personally

The highlight of the segment came when the music of the WWE boss, Vince McMahon sounded. This was his first on-camera appearance since his controversial WrestleMania appearance. Theory, who has a history of acting as a kind of foster son to the boss, left the wrestlers celebrating with him in the ring and posed on the ramp with titles and McMahon. His trademark selfie photo was also not to be missed.

It is clear to see that WWE sees in Theory a wrestler who has the potential to become a big star. The RAW edition can therefore be seen as the first coronation.

Prior to their rematch at WrestleMania Backlash, Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes had a redouble. It emerged that Rollins is extremely frustrated about his defeat at WrestleMania. A discussion broke out about who was the better wrestler. The fans were clearly in favour of Rhodes.

Rollins then wanted to put Cody in the same situation he was in at WrestleMania. Thus, it came down to the Main Event announcement. Cody Rhodes against an unknown opponent. Seth picked Kevin Owens. The high quality match ended in Owens getting counted out after provocations from Seth. As Cody celebrated, he was attacked by Rollins and thus ended the edition of Monday Night Raw.

The other highlights:

– Rhea Ripley’s transformation, hinted at in recent weeks, was realised this week. After Rhea and her partner Liv Morgan lost the Women’s Tag Team Title match to Sasha Banks and Naomi, she accused her partner of being to blame. As Liv was leaving the ring, Rhea attacked her tag team partner, ending this short-lived pairing.

– Sonja Deville explained that she never wanted to become a WWE official and always planned to return to the ring at some point. That opportunity came when Bianca Belair won the title. An ecstatic Belair after last week’s attack came to the ring and took Deville’s position for her special attack, the K.O.D. For this, Deville said she should pay a big fine. However, WWE official Adam Pearce settled for a dollar. He also let it be known that WWE is investigating Sonja Deville’s actions.

– On the KO show, Kevin Owens gave the former Elias, who returned as Ezekiel, a lie detector test. Owens is certain that Ezekiel is not the younger brother of Elias, but Elias himself. To KO’s despair, however, the test said that Ezekiel was telling the truth.

-The double wedding ceremony between Reggie and Dana Brooke and between Tamina and Akira Tozawa was chaotic. After some partner swapping and R-Truth comedy, the originally intended couples got married. After that, the 24/7 title changed several times, but ended up with Dana Brooke again.