Dirk Nowitzki is still not actively looking for a job, but at the right time he is determined to start his post-career career.

“Something has to come along for the second half of life. Otherwise it would be too boring for me at some point,” said the German basketball idol in the current 04/22 issue of Sports Illustrated.

After retiring from basketball, the 44-year-old was hired as a consultant by the Dallas Mavericks, whom he led to the NBA title in 2011. Nowitzki has no other occupation. The Würzburg native could imagine a role as a mentor to a young player, as Holger Geschwindner was for him.

Nowitzki: “That would be great”.

“Holger once said to me years ago that he would like me to repeat what he did for me. If I could pass that on,” Nowitzki said, “that would be great if I ever had a relationship like that with a player that I could say: I’m all in, I’m up for it.”

However, Nowitzki said he is currently still “in the reflection phase, where I need distance from the sport and want to enjoy our young kids.”

It will probably take “a while before I take on such a big project again. But what I’ve learned over the 20 years, just about the right throwing motion, I could pass on later when the time is right.”