Even Eintracht Frankfurt’s Europa League hero Kevin Trapp sometimes harbours a lack of understanding for reporters’ questions – and talks about it with Toni Kroos even before the CL final. Was it an impulse for the Real champion?

Toni Kroos’ angry interview after the recent Champions League triumph already has cult character.

“You had 90 minutes to think of sensible questions, then you ask me two such shitty questions – that’s madness,” the 2014 Real Madrid world champion told a stunned Nils Kaben.

The ZDF reporter had asked why Real had got into such trouble – and was then simply left standing by Kroos.

What is only now shining through in this context is that the displeasure about reporters’ questions had obviously already built up in the now five-time Champions League champion.

It was possibly already aroused the previous week by the statement of a professional colleague.

Frankfurt hero also unhappy about reporter’s question

In the joint podcast “Einfach mal Luppen” with his brother Felix, Kroos had already indicated a few days before the final between Madrid and Liverpool FC (1:0) that he was often dissatisfied with journalistic questions.

This became clear in the conversation with podcast guest Kevin Trapp. How exactly?

The Eintracht Frankfurt goalkeeper and hero had spoken about the final moments before the decisive penalty in the Europa League triumph against Glasgow Rangers.

Referring to field reporter Thomas Wagner during the subsequent interview, the keeper remarked sarcastically: “The first question to you was: You are the hero. The reporter had 120 minutes to think of a question and didn’t get it.”

Which left Trapp stunned, even though – unlike Kroos – he had been asked a positive question. Remarkable, however, that Kroos heard almost the same words from Kaben.

It remained unclear, however, which questions Trapp would have liked – and also to what extent Kroos shared Trapp’s feelings about the question.

What Kroos now thinks about ZDF reporter Kaben

However, the midfield strategist said in the same podcast at the same point after the CL coup that in his case he would have found it more appropriate to ask Kaben how he “saw the game itself. I wouldn’t have said: Boah, we played them up against the wall from the first to the 90th minute, I wouldn’t have said that!”

However, Kroos should not be resentful: “That only annoyed me at that moment. I was more annoyed with him myself,” said the 32-year-old.