Former World Champion Sebastian Vettel has defended his buddy Mick Schumacher after his recent poor performances.

“Criticism is also justified in that respect. But you can’t always just bash, you also have to say when something has gone well,” Aston Martin driver Vettel told the Bild newspaper.

Ahead of the ninth round of the season in Canada on Sunday, the pressure is on the 23-year-old Schumacher at the US racing team Haas. The former Formula 2 champion is still without world championship points and has already cost his racing team a lot of extra money through accidents.

“We are all driving at the limit,” said Vettel (34), a Hessian, and came to Schumacher’s defence: “The fact that something can break is part of it. I think in this situation you should do everything you can to back you up. From my own experience, it’s not easy when there’s only bashing within the team.”

Especially Haas team boss Günther Steiner criticised Schumacher recently. After the serious accidents in Saudi Arabia and Monaco, Steiner from South Tyrol had admonished his driver to reduce his mistakes and referred to the high costs for repairs.