World champion Max Verstappen rejects a salary cap in Formula 1.

“That is completely wrong. At the moment, Formula 1 is becoming more and more popular and everyone is earning more and more money,” the Red Bull driver said in Baku on Friday. The drivers should also be able to continue to share in the rising revenues without a cap, Verstappen demanded. “After all, they provide the show and put their lives on the line,” said the Dutchman.

For some time now, Formula One has been discussing that from 2023 onwards the salary expenditure for both regular drivers should not exceed 30 million dollars per year. Verstappen has a long-term contract with Red Bull and, alongside Lewis Hamilton, is one of the top earners in the racing series.

The 24-year-old warned that a salary cap could also scare off investors in the junior sector. These financiers often speculate on earning a share of their protégés’ future contracts in Formula One. “If we get a limit, that would affect all junior series as well. And nobody wants that,” said Verstappen.