The international media look back on the wild Formula 1 season finale in Japan and Max Verstappen’s coronation yet again.


Sun: “For the second year in a row, the world title was decided in the race stewards’ room. How can it be that nobody knows the rules? The teams have been caught cold, it’s too complicated. Max Verstappen, meanwhile, has been in excellent form this year and his Red Bull team has always made the right decisions.”

Guardian: “It seems Max Verstappen can’t win a world title without a lot of drama. He now secured his second after a long day of incidents and annoyances. And if that wasn’t enough, there were moments of supreme comedy at the end, a ridiculous opera when the world champion himself didn’t know he had done it. He deserved the title without a doubt. His dominance is reminiscent of the sport’s greats.”

Telegraph: “The ending took much of the shine off Verstappen’s incredible season, denying him and Formula One its moment of the peak. It was, however, completely in keeping with the sport’s current penchant for confusion and chaos. One thing is clear: this time, no one can deny that Verstappen deserves the title.”


De Volkskrant: “Sovereign, flawless, infallible: these words are to be mentioned in the year in which Max Verstappen conquers the world title for the second time. In his eighth season, the racing driver is what was predicted on his debut: the merciless autocrat of Formula 1.”

Trouw: “Verstappen and Red Bull, a perfect fusion of man and machine. He extended his autocracy in Formula 1 by a year with the world championship title. Even in chaos, he was merciless to his competitors.” “Like any planetary system, Formula One revolves around a star, a shining center towards which all other celestial bodies align. At the moment, there is only one man who can lay claim to it: Max Verstappen.”


Gazzetta Dello Sport: “From bad boy to robot: Verstappen confirms himself as a bionic driver without weak points. With this second world championship victory, the Verstappen era begins, and there’s no telling how long it will last. The Verstappen 2.0 version is invincible.”

Corriere Dello Sport: “Verstappen is a driver who wants to make history in Formula 1. He is incredibly fast, he has tamed his fiery temperament and no longer makes mistakes.”

“In Suzuka, it comes to an end that harms Formula 1. Incomprehensible decisions and hidden loopholes in the regulations: Verstappen becomes world champion at the end of a chaotic race. Formula 1 has a young champion, but one who already has a lot of experience and could be one of the greatest in the sport in the future.”

Corriere della Sera:
“Verstappen, king of chaos. The Dutchman once again proves to be a specialist in impossible victories. Ferrari must now analyze precisely the causes of its defeat this season, which was supposed to be a new start for Maranello.”

La Repubblica: “Verstappen’s second wonderful triumph – but the best is yet to come for him.”