The topic of “toxicity” is omnipresent on the internet and continues to preoccupy even developers like Riot Games, Blizzard and Co. Now the makers of Valorant are planning a drastic step in the fight against digital harassment.

In popular online games, it is not uncommon for people to use a particularly harsh tone and insult their opponents and fellow players in the worst possible way. Such behaviour often results in so-called reports from other players, who can report these outbursts to the operator of a game. Insults are not only posted in the game in written form, but players have also been and are still being insulted in voice chat for the most diverse things and sometimes mentally beaten up.

Riot Games has been struggling with this kind of “online harassment” for a long time. League of Legends is considered by fans to be one of the most toxic eSports games of the present, in whose matches mothers are repeatedly insulted, racist remarks are made and players are attacked for even the smallest inconsequence. Insults are also a big issue in Valorant, which is why developer Riot Games is planning to take a tougher stance in the near future.

Voice chat monitoring – Valorant

The makers of LoL, Wild Rift and Co. announced that they will henceforth record the voice chat of the popular tactical shooter with the help of an analysis tool and evaluate it for its “toxicity” using certain indicators. Offences will then be punished and lead to appropriate punishments.

This system was announced a year ago and will initially be used in the North American region. The start date has been set for 13 July. It is not yet known how the data recorded by Riot Games will be processed. However, players have the option of avoiding recording if they decide to switch off the voice chat completely.

When and whether the system will be used in Europe and other regions cannot be said at this time. Valorant itself is available as a free 2-play shooter for the PC.