On Friday morning, Bruno Fernandes was driving his car to training when he collided with another vehicle. The midfielder was lucky in this case.

Scary moment for Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United. The Portuguese was involved in a car accident on his way to training on Friday morning, but fortunately none of the people involved were seriously injured. This was first reported by the PA news agency.

Now United coach Ralf Rangnick also commented on the incident, which is said to have happened on Friday: “But as far as I know, nobody was injured,” the German coach said. “He trained with the team and he was okay. And therefore, I think he will be okay for tomorrow as well.”

According to reports, Fernandes was driving his Porsche Panamera when he collided with a driver of a Volkswagen in which the airbag deployed. Fernandes was reportedly not alone in the car. All the occupants got away with the scare.

The midfielder will take part in United’s training this afternoon and, according to Rangnick, is also ready for Tuesday’s Premier League match at Liverpool FC.

Fernandes has scored nine goals for the Red Devils in 30 league games so far.