Manchester United won the top match against Tottenham 2-0. However, a United legend also caused a stir off the pitch with a bizarre action.

In the run-up to the top match between Manchester United and Tottenham, Red Devils legend Patrice Evra caused a stir with a bizarre ritual.

Together with Arsenal icon Thierry Henry and Belgian national team coach Roberto Martinez, Evra formed Amazon Prime’s team of experts. The two colleagues and presenter Gabby Logan got their money’s worth – as the Frenchman celebrated his return to Old Trafford by eating a piece of the stadium turf.

“I always do that when I come here. You know Gabby, I always taste the grass. And yeah, it tastes a little bit like garlic, but it tastes the same as always. This is my home – bon appetit,” Evra explained to laughter from his colleagues.

Evra won the championship five times with the Red Devils and even the Champions League in 2008. Successes that Old Trafford can currently only dream of.

Nevertheless, the curious ritual seems to have brought good luck – Manchester won the match 2:0 and thus moved up to the fifth place. Only Cristiano Ronaldo caused another scandal with a childish action after spending the match on the bench.