The “Gypsy King” said goodbye to the world boxing stage on Saturday night. Weeks before, he had already announced the end of his career. But not everyone wanted to admit it these days either.

“This will be the last fight of my career. 150 million dollars in the bank, young, healthy. I’m going to buy a huge yacht abroad.” With these words Tyson Fury announced his career end after the fight against Dillian Whyte at the beginning of March. And also directly after his fight last Saturday he emphasised the end for the “Gypsy King”: “I promised my wonderful wife, and I meant it. It’s all done. I’m true to my word.”

Nevertheless, in the days that followed, rumours persisted that the career ending was just for show and that Fury was merely taking a break. The 33-year-old was confronted again on the TV programme “Piers Morgan Uncensored”. Fury patted his chest and replied, “This is the truth and nothing but the truth: I’m done.” After a short rant, he continued, “I’m happy, I’m healthy, (…) I have a beautiful wife and six kids. I have success and fame. What more do I want?”

The health aspect plays a crucial role in his career: “Boxing is a dangerous sport. You can be knocked out with one punch – as we saw on Saturday night – and all it takes is one unlucky punch and you might not get up off the mat. I’ll quit while I’m ahead. I’m undefeated and only the second man in history to quit undefeated as heavyweight champion.”

He also said that from a financial point of view, there are no reasons to continue the career: “For a lot of people in this world, it’s all about money, more money and more money. I have enough money. I have enough of everything I need.”