Mexican Sergio Perez had to tremble for some time after his supposed victory in the Formula 1 race in Singapore before he could also be officially declared the winner of the night race.

The jubilation was great, the praise was already pouring in on Perez, he himself spoke of the “best performance of his Formula 1 career” when he had already left the award ceremony, drenched in champagne. But then the trembling began because the Fia had to investigate incidents during the safety car phase.

The Fédération Internationale de Motocross felt compelled to clarify whether the Red Bull driver had twice failed to keep the prescribed minimum distance of ten car lengths from the safety car. Theoretically, two five-second penalties would have been possible.

7.595 seconds minus 5 seconds: Perez gets to keep the trophy

Perez had won the Singapore Grand Prix by a margin of 7.595 seconds over Charles Leclerc. Even during the final laps, a possible time penalty for Perez leaked out, so the Mexican pressed hard on the gas and increased his lead over the second-placed Monegasque.

Difficult conditions: The first incident was only worth a warning

Half an hour after the end of the race, Perez spoke to the race stewards and explained his view of things. Then the FIA met and announced the verdict almost three hours after the end of the race: Perez was only given a five-second penalty, although he was found guilty in both cases. However, only the second incident was punished – during the first safety car phase on lap 10, which was investigated, he only received a warning because the conditions there had been very difficult. In the end, Fia recognized extenuating circumstances due to the wet track.

Verstappen must be patient

The preliminary outcome of the race did not have any effect on the awarding of the world championship title. Max Verstappen would have had to win in Singapore to defend his title. The Dutchman experienced a race weekend to forget around his 25th birthday and only finished seventh in the night race.