Sergio Agüero talks about the iron discipline a player needs under Pep Guardiola – and the consequences of not paying attention when it comes to nutrition, for example.

Too fat to play?

Sergio “Kun” Agüero has admitted that starting coach Pep Guardiola once banished him to the bench for exceeding his prescribed weight limit.

“If your ideal weight is 79 to 80 kilos and you weighed 80 kilos and 100 grams, you had to pay and you didn’t play,” the former Argentina international, who scored quite a few goals for City, told El Chiringuito in an interview.

Guardiola demanded iron discipline with his diet. A misstep in nutrition can happen so quickly, said Agüero: “For example, you run across a piece of chicken and you’re 50 grams over!”

Guardiola: “I left you out because …

And indeed Agüero, who had to end his career as an FC Barcelona player because of heart problems, once had to atone for being “overweight”.

“In the first season we were between fourth and third place and he (Guardiola, note) said: ‘I left you out because you turned up fat this week.’ What was I supposed to say? He was right, these things happen.”

Guardiola, incidentally, had not only preached dietary discipline to him – but also taught him a new pressing style. “When I arrived, Guardiola asked me to press the center-backs and then I had no oxygen to attack.”