Sébastien Haller has a malignant testicular tumour and has to undergo chemotherapy.

Now BVB striker Sébastien Haller has the bitter certainty: The diagnosed testicular tumour is malignant!

This means that the Ivorian will have to undergo chemotherapeutic cancer treatment and will miss his team for a long time.

After Timo Baumgartl and Marco Russ, the Frenchman is the third Bundesliga professional in the recent past who has to undergo the exhausting chemotherapy because of a testicular tumour.

On the other hand, an operation was enough to remove the malignant tumour in the case of Hertha professional Marco Richter. The Berliner even returned to running training on Monday.

Surgery unavoidable for Bundesliga stars

All four players had to or will have to undergo surgery. “You have to remove the testicle or parts of the testicle,” explained Prof. Dr. med. Sebastian Wille, a specialist in the field of urology,

Before the operation, however, a histological examination determines what type of cancer it is and how advanced it already is.

“If it is confined to the testicle and this is removed and there is no indication of metastasis, then the therapy is usually over,” described Prof. Florian May, MD, an expert in urology from Dachau near Munich,

Richter benefited from early diagnosis

This condition applied to Richter. Due to his early diagnosis, the cancer had not yet spread, so he did not have to undergo chemotherapeutic treatment.

Haller, however, was not as lucky as the Berliner. As his tumour is already outside his testicles, he needs further treatment and will be out for much longer.

There are, however, a few cases that give hope: Other Bundesliga professionals such as Russ, Schalke legend Ebbe Sand or ex-Premier League professional Jonas Gutierrez all won the battle against cancer.