The top-of-the-table clash between Arsenal FC and Manchester City is postponed. how it came about and when the match could be made up.

The Premier League top-of-the-table clash between Arsenal FC and Manchester City was supposed to have taken place this evening.

Along with nine other games, the clash between the Gunners and the Citizens would have been the absolute highlight of the matchday. Fans will have to be patient, however, as the match has been postponed.

The reason for the postponed match is the death of Queen Elizabeth II last month. The following Premier League matchday and also Arsenal’s Europa League match against PSV Eindhoven were canceled. This was mainly because there were not enough police officers available.

Arsenal risked a points deduction by postponing the original match date (15 September) if the game could not have been scheduled in time for the end of the group stage.

No alternative date yet

However, after talks with the Premier League and the European federation, both clubs agreed on a new date (20 October). This also meant that the home match against City had to be postponed.

So far, there is no alternative date for the match between Pep Guardiola and his former co-coach Mikel Arteta. There are now potential complications in the search for a new date.

Arsenal still has a tight schedule waiting for them until the start of the World Cup. With four games in October and four games in November, it is unlikely that the match will be made up before the end of the year.

Arsenal and City with the tight schedule

However, there would be room in the January schedule for both clubs to make up the game.

If Arsenal, like ManCity, stays in European competition over the winter, they will not have to worry about it again until early February, when the knockout phase begins.

While both teams have the FA Cup and Carabao Cup to keep an eye on, a date would definitely be available for the top-of-the-table clash.

The Gunners currently lead the Premier League table and can bring the long-awaited title to the Emirates after 19 years under Arteta. The city is close behind by four points.