A video purporting to show a dream goal by Erling Haaland’s cousin went viral. However, it turned out to be a hoax and caused a series of hilarious reactions.

Albert Tjaland, the cousin of Erling Haaland, became an internet celebrity overnight. And this is thanks to a false name and a video in which the young Norwegian is not even to be seen.

On Twitter, a video of Haaland’s alleged cousin ‘Albert Bride Haaland’ spread like wildfire. In it, the blond striker scores an absolute dream goal and is dubbed as an 18-year-old who is said to have scored 64 goals in 37 games for the Norwegian team Bran. The problem: Haaland’s cousin is not visible in the video, nor is his name.

The 18-year-old ‘next Haaland’ the world is being warned about is actually called Brad Potts and, at 28, plays in the English second division. But clickbait pays off: The video was shared by rows of sports sites and now has almost four million views.

And Erling Haaland’s cousin? At least the age is correct, but his real name is Albert Tjaland and the club name is not Bran, but Bryne FK.

In fact, Thailand was a successful goal scorer at the youth level, but in men’s football, the Norwegian has yet to score a goal for Bryne FK’s first team. Haaland’s cousin has since returned to his parent club Molde FK after a loan spell and most recently played for their U19s in the Youth League.

The erroneous post caused a flurry of memes on Twitter selling various celebrities as Haaland’s cousin.

WWE and PDC respond to clickbait post

Even Preston North End, a club of the real dream goal scorer, couldn’t resist the joke. Also, the WWE and the PDC posted their own version of the Haaland cousin on Twitter and causing a lot of amusement. The best posts at a glance.