Cristiano Ronaldo is also causing a stir away from transfer rumors. After a controversial post, CR7 has been harshly criticized.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not only causing a stir with transfer rumors at the moment. An Instagram post is now earning him a lot of criticism.

In the photo, Ronaldo is pictured with the controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson and writes: “Good to see you, my friend.

Peterson holds controversial views, for example on the vaccination against the Coronavirus and on gender policy. Among other things, he made the statement, “You’ll have to kill me first if you want to vaccinate me.” However, he claims to have been vaccinated in the meantime.

On Instagram, the former University of Toronto psychology professor has 4.5 million followers, describes himself as a “professor against political correctness” and was already banned on Twitter in 2017 when he made disparaging remarks about a breast operation by transsexual actor Elliot Page.

“You’re tarnishing your reputation”: user with harsh criticism

While Ronaldo also receives encouragement for the post, numerous of his followers are mightily angry. He is accused of giving the controversial Canadian an even bigger platform through his post. Ronaldo has 475 million followers on Instagram.

“Cristiano Ronaldo with Jordan Peterson, the guy who thinks feminists have an unconscious desire for brutal male dominance,” writes Twitter user Catarina Demon.

Others call the action “crazy”, and numerous comments such as “Please don’t, Cristiano” or “You’re tarnishing your reputation” circulate on the net.

Another critic writes: “Why is anyone the least bit surprised that someone as arrogant as him thinks Peterson is great?”

Peterson himself commented on the post as follows: “I’ve rarely met anyone more deserving of what they’ve achieved. Nice to have met you.”