The World Cup will take place in Qatar at the end of this year. The draw is on Friday. But who could the DFB team around coach Hansi Flick meet? t-online gives an overview of possible group opponents.

From 21 November this year until 18 December, the World Cup will take place in Qatar. The German national team around coach Hansi Flick will also be taking part. Next Friday at 6 p.m., the draw for the group opponents will be broadcast from Doha.

But who could the DFB team actually meet? t-online gives an overview of the possible group opponents. As of now, not all of the teams that will be participating in the World Cup have been determined. And that will not change until Friday.

These duels are still open

At the time of the draw, 29 of 32 nations will have been determined, as the schedule has been postponed due to the Corona pandemic and Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. The intercontinental play-offs will not take place until June. Therefore, the following nations’ duels are still pending.

The classification of the 32 World Cup teams into the four draw pots is based on the Fifa World Ranking. As hosts, Qatar is seeded in pot one. The seven best-placed teams on the Fifa list will join Qatar in the draw, and the other pots will be filled according to the ranking. Therefore, the German national team will be in the second pot because of its eleventh place.

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For the three nations that have not yet been determined, there will be a placeholder in the fourth pot.

This is how the draw pots currently look (as of 1 April):

Draw pot 1: Qatar, Belgium, Brazil, France, Argentina, England, Spain, Portugal

Draw pot 2: Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Uruguay

Draw pot 3: Iran, South Korea, Serbia, Japan, Poland, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia

Draw 4: Ecuador, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Cameroon
Germany will probably face tough opponents

This also means that Germany will most likely face a tough opponent. Because: Germany would only be the clear favourite against host country Qatar. But there are also a lot of tough matches possible, such as Brazil, France, Argentina and England. So a tough group with Brazil, Poland and Ghana is conceivable for Germany.

Nevertheless, national coach Hansi Flick is taking it easy. He says of the draw: “German football has a tradition of success. That’s where we want to go again. We just have to sit there, watch and then give our opinion on the group.”

As a general rule, no two countries from the same continent are allowed to meet. Europe (13 teams) is an exception. So there will be duels between European teams in five groups.