FC Bayern is under scrutiny against VfB Stuttgart. Julian Nagelsmann questions his own approach after the defeat in Mainz.

Julian Nagelsmann is appealing to his players to take personal responsibility. After the 1:3 defeat in Mainz and the subsequent trip to Ibiza, they are under pressure against Stuttgart on Sunday. A reaction from FC Bayern is required, which will also have an impact on the Bundesliga’s relegation battle.

Last Saturday’s defeat showed once again that Munich need a breath of fresh air, as Nagelsmann made clear – between the lines – at the press conference on Friday morning. Directly after the defeat in Mainz, he had found clear words in the mixed zone in the direction of his team, but at the same time also questioned the big picture. “Whether it always makes so much sense after the game,” he now questioned himself. “But it wasn’t just about the team, you could hear that throughout. It was about us being brave overall to make decisions.” Decisions in the squad, decisions in the transfer market.

“I am someone,” added Nagelsmann, “who has a very strong urge to change things, even if many things are perhaps going well. Keeping up with the times, adapting things. Especially in phases when things are actually going very well. That’s the crucial thing, that you don’t trust in success, but always try to build on it and adapt things.

Sometimes the wrong words are spoken: “I have a gift for being emotional directly after the game, but I can still appear before the media representatives in a relatively reflective manner. Sometimes I have my heart on my sleeve and say a little too much, which is none of your business. It wasn’t a question of bashing the team. Everyone knows that we didn’t play a good game in Mainz.”

Nagelsmann defends his team

Nevertheless, Nagelsmann does not want the season to be overshadowed by the non-performance in Mainz. “The players have shown an outstanding performance again this year in the championship with very many goals and very few goals conceded, with – especially in the first half of the season – inspiring football.” But just almost only in the first half of the season. “I won’t let that be talked down to me because we played like shit in Mainz at one point. The boys were better than everyone else in the Bundesliga again, and we’ll try to underline that in the last two games.” Preferably directly with an exclamation mark against VfB.