Right before the start of the play-offs, the top game in the BBL will take place between Bayern Munich and champions ALBA Berlin.

Immediately before the start of the play-offs, the top match between Bayern Munich and champions ALBA Berlin will take place in the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) at the end of the main round.

The new date for the make-up game is 10 May, which means that both teams will face a real acid test before the start of the championship round.

The match was supposed to have taken place on 20 March, but was cancelled due to numerous corona cases at the Munich team.

Play-off quarter-finals begin in mid-May

The play-off quarter-finals will begin on 12 May. Originally, the main round was supposed to end on 1 May, but postponements caused an extension.

Berlin has only played 23 main round games, Munich 26. The 29th matchday is scheduled for the weekend.

The BBL also announced on Friday that another corona-related rescheduling of the games scheduled after 1 May would not be possible. In this case, the final table would be calculated according to the quotient method.

Should Bayern reach the Final Four of the EuroLeague (19 to 21 May), the BBL play-offs would be suspended during this period. A possible fifth final game would take place on 25 June 2022 at the latest.