No sponsor on the new FC Barcelona jerseys? At least that seems to be the Catalans’ plan. The reason is obvious.

FC Barcelona’s first jerseys for the new 22/23 season could come onto the market without a sponsor.

The reason is plausible: the new contract between FC Barcelona and Spotify was published in mid-March and ratified by the club members at the beginning of April.

Too late for shirt manufacturer Nike. Jersey production already starts in the first two months of a year, it said, so the first batch of jerseys was pretty much guaranteed to have been made without a sponsor’s logo.

The first leaks circulating on the internet also show the FC Barcelona home jersey without the imprint of the audio streaming service.

However, due to the lack of confirmed information, the internet platform was unable to make a statement on how the Barca garment would ultimately look at retail.

It remains to be seen whether the jerseys will be offered with or without the Spotify logo. There are even rumours about the imprint of changing logos from the music industry.