Romelu Lukaku, who flopped expensively at Chelsea FC, outraged Blues fans with an interview after returning to Inter. Did he never arrive at Stamford Bridge with his heart?

He proved to be an expensive flop for Chelsea FC, now Romelu Lukaku is loaned to his ex-club Inter Milan for one year – and causes irritation right with his arrival.

The 29-year-old striker’s first appearance on official club TV caused a lot of resentment among the Blues fans: Lukaku embraced his new, old employer so much that many were left with the impression that he had never arrived at Stamford Bridge with his heart.

Lukaku “in contact all season” with Inter coach

Returning to Inter was “like coming home”, the Belgian said in the interview published on Inter’s website: “I wanted to come back because of the fans, especially because of my teammates, but also because I wanted to work with the coach – we were in touch all season.”

Coach Simone Inzaghi has been coaching Inter since June 2021, and Lukaku had worked together briefly before his move in late summer. The admission that he has kept in touch with Inzaghi since then has pissed off many Chelsea fans.

Fueling the anger, Italian media reported almost a fortnight ago that Lukaku had pushed for a return to Inter by calling Inzaghi on Inzaghi’s birthday on 5 April, the day before Chelsea’s Champions League first leg against Real Madrid.

“The unprofessionalism of this man knows no bounds”.

“The unprofessionalism of this man knows no bounds,” wrote one fan, while another called Lukaku “a disgrace” in response: “Shame we can’t sue him and get our money back.” Countless comments went in the same direction.

Lukaku had joined Thomas Tuchel’s team for 113 million euros, but only scored a disappointing eight goals by his standards in 26 league games. He was not in the starting eleven in the knockout phase of the royal class.