Ten years ago, FC Bayern lost the “Finale dahoam” against Chelsea FC. Bastian Schweinsteiger still puzzles over the final defeat.

Even ten years later, Bastian Schweinsteiger has not yet digested the low blow of the unfortunate loss of the 2012 Champions League final against Chelsea FC.

“It’s still a mystery to me how we could lose that game,” Schweinsteiger told FC Bayern’s members’ magazine 51, who then clinched the title the following year against Borussia Dortmund in London.

The German record champions had lost the “Finale dahoam” in Munich 3:4 in a penalty shoot-out on 19 May 2012, with Schweinsteiger missing his penalty at 3:3 before Didier Drogba clinched everything for the Londoners.

Schweinsteiger: Bayern’s defeat “difficult to accept”

“The defeat was hard to accept, it hurt a lot,” said the long-serving Bayern midfielder. “I myself blamed myself the most. I still have the faces of the fans in front of my eyes today.”

The day after, he said, he went into town early in the morning to the bakery. “Then I walked to the Isar, I liked to do that often,” the 37-year-old recalls. He sat down on a stone and put his feet in the water. “That morning I was walking almost alone, there was a dead silence in the city.”

If the defeat had anything good, it was that it “was the basis for 2013 and 2014”, Schweinsteiger continued. “After that we had one or the other percent more, which we lacked against Chelsea. And the success in 2013 gave us a lot of strength for the 2014 World Cup.” Where the German national team was crowned world champions in Brazil.