Director Dennis Schröder dreams of a medal with the DBB team at the home European Championships. For his role as leader, Schröder says he has to bring many qualities to the table.

Director Dennis Schröder dreams of a medal with the German basketball team at the home European Championships and is well able to assess the significance.

“If we could do it, it would be really crazy – quite a madness,” said the 28-year-old in the EuroBasket special issue of the trade magazine BIG – Basketball in Germany.

However, the long-time NBA pro, who is still looking for a new club, is still rather cautious with predictions.

“Even if it sounds stupid: I want to think from game to game,” says Schröder. The squad is very good, “but that has nothing to do with the fact that we play well together as a team.

Schröder’s DBB team disappoints at 2019 World Cup

Schröder knows what he is talking about. At the 2019 World Cup in China, the German Basketball Federation (DBB) selection around the playmaker had disappointed badly despite having a top line-up. “Everyone has to know their role and contribute to the game what the team needs,” the man from Braunschweig emphasised.

According to Schröder, he has to bring many qualities to his role as leader.

“You can’t demand anything that you don’t do yourself,” he said, “I always try to be the one who trains the most. That’s how I want to carry the team along. Even with little things: For example, taking the boys out to dinner once in a while.”

After the tournament, Schröder would like to read in the newspapers “that Germany is proud of us”.

The preliminary round in Cologne starts on 1 September, the final match as the conclusion of the final round in Berlin takes place on 18 September.