The “penis wrestler” Joey Ryan, who fell deeply because of a series of serious accusations, has resurfaced as a performer in a Disney attraction of all things – but has now lost the job again.

He was an internationally known cult wrestler before a series of serious sexual assault allegations caused him to fall low – now he had resurfaced in the Disney universe, of all places.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, one-time “penis wrestler” Joey Ryan was employed for three months as a cast member of the theme park attraction “Jungle Cruise” at California’s Disneyland Resort. He lost the job probably as a result of wrestling fans recognising him and circulating a photo of him on social media.

Ryan – real name: Joseph Meehan – had completed a probationary period at Disneyland, but then did not get a permanent job, a Disneyland spokesperson confirmed. He did not give any details about the reasons. He only explained that although Disneyland employees are in principle subject to a “background check” if they have a criminal record, Ryan’s story had not come to their attention at the time of his hiring.

Joey Ryan fell low after series of serious allegations

Ryan, who turned down offers from WWE and AEW in 2019 to sign with the Impact Wrestling league, had taken on a quirky in-ring character as a moustachioed playboy with a lollipop whose best bit has superpowers.

The laughter at this stuck in the throat from June 2020, when a whole series of sexual harassment and assault allegations were made against him in the wake of the #SpeakingOut movement, including by current WWE wrestler Roxanne Perez (Rok-C). He was also accused of attempted rape.

Impact parted ways with Ryan, and other leagues and AEW executives – with whom Ryan had previously had good relations – also distanced themselves. Ryan’s appearances on the YouTube show “Being The Elite” were deleted.

Ryan attempted a series of lawsuits against Impact and several of its accusers, so far without result.