Pro-Ukrainian messages could be seen during the Bundesliga top match. The Russian TV station broadcasting the match did not like this and started censorship. The DFL could now draw the consequences.

Bundesliga matches are also broadcast in Russia. For the time being. Because on Saturday there was a censorship incident on TV there that could still have consequences.

On the channel “Futbol3” of the Russian broadcaster MatchTV, the top match on Saturday evening between Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig (1:4) was shown. At least partially. Because shortly before the end of the first half, the transmission was interrupted. This was reported by the TV station “ntv” on its website.

The reason for the abrupt end: pro-Ukrainian messages could be seen on the scoreboard in the Signal Iduna Park, among other things, along with the national colours of the country. The call “Stop the war” could also be read there. This did not suit the Russian broadcaster at all. Commentator Igor Kytmanov said: “Unfortunately, we have to stop the broadcast for reasons beyond our control. Generally it is said that football and politics should be considered separately, but this rule is not always respected in the Bundesliga.”

This incident is now likely to have consequences on the part of the German Football League (DFL). The league association had already announced at the beginning of March that it would donate one million euros to Ukraine. The donation was to include all income from the TV contract with Russia. The DFL said it had deliberately not terminated the contract so that the “anti-war calls and appeals for peace from German stadiums would continue to reach the Russian population”. In this context, the association made it clear that if the “basic TV signal is repeatedly censored, this would result in extraordinary termination by the DFL.