Union Berlin manager Oliver Ruhnert speaks in the STAHLWERK Doppelpass about the fan éclat in Malmö and sharply distributes the incidents. At the same time, he emphasizes that it was only a few fans who overstepped the mark.

Manager Oliver Ruhnert of Union Berlin has strongly condemned the fan éclat in Malmö.

“It’s a very few idiots who go there with the aim of becoming criminals,” “They have to be removed.” At the same time, Rohnert advocated the controlled use of pyrotechnics in certain areas as “part of the fan scene”.

“Those who stand there and burn pyrotechnics are not the crazy people who shoot down their own team with fireworks,” Rohnert said, announcing a prompt statement from the club. “We are in the process of coming to terms with things,” said the 50-year-old. It is a matter of reconstructing who was involved.

Union’s first win in the Europa League last Thursday at Malmö FF (1:0) had been overshadowed by violent pyro attacks from the visitors’ block. After about an hour of play, some supporters shot several fireworks onto the field, and firecrackers also flew from the home section. The game was interrupted for almost 30 minutes, and there was also talk of abandoning the match.

“I was an emotional player back then, I thought pyrotechnics were cool, it pushed me,” said the former Bundesliga player, but at the same time, he emphasized: “But when I became the club manager at 1. FC Magdeburg, I had a huge problem with it.

According to Franz, the burning of pyrotechnics also poses a great danger, especially to children. Nevertheless, he said it is hardly possible for the clubs to completely prevent fireworks from being brought into the stadium. “Of course, I would like to see it set off controlled,” the 41-year-old noted.