After the final whistle in the World Cup qualifier, a fan charges towards Lionel Messi. His behaviour, however, displeased the Argentinean.

After the 1-1 draw in the World Cup qualifier between Argentina and Ecuador on Wednesday evening, Messi had to endure an extremely boorish action. A fan stormed onto the pitch after the final whistle with the aim of getting Messi in front of his mobile phone camera.

He filmed the whole situation as he arrived at the Argentine, grabbed him rather roughly by the neck and said: “Leo, Leo. One photo, I’m from the United States.”

The Paris Saint-Germain superstar was far from thrilled and fought back, pushing the fan aside and insisting that he stop. The 21-year-old fan was stopped from continuing seconds later by a steward.

Jossue shared the resulting video on social media and it went viral. He wrote: “You only live once and once is enough for me because I met the greatest player of all time. My dear Lionel Messi, thank you for all the happy moments you have given me over the years with your beautiful football. I love you and this game.”

he post garnered thousands of likes frantically.

As well as the fan’s pace, Messi cannot be happy with the draw. Argentina had led 1-0 since the 24th minute until Ecuador equalised in injury time.

Messi makes players happy

In the evening, there was another person who wore a smile on his face because of Messi, but this time the Argentine wanted it that way: Ecuadorian footballer Byron Castillo received the jersey from Messi and could hardly believe his luck himself.

Both countries had previously reached this year’s World Cup in Qatar. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Ecuador are the four qualified teams from South America, while Peru has to compete in an intercontinental play-off.