Cristiano Ronaldo’s fuses are blowing after Manchester United’s next defeat. After a mobile phone incident, the police are now investigating – and the alleged mother of the fan is making accusations.

The mobile phone incident involving superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has repercussions.

After the 0:1 at Everton FC with Manchester United, the Portuguese apparently knocked the mobile phone out of a fan’s hand in a fit of rage.

Liverpool police have now launched an investigation and Ronaldo is to be questioned. This was confirmed by the police on Sunday.

United are also investigating the incident. However, as the English daily Sun reports, the star has no consequences to fear from the club.

Ronaldo causes mobile phone scandal

A video circulating on Twitter shows the Portuguese moving his right hand towards the ground as he walks into the dressing room. Immediately afterwards, a mobile phone shatters on the floor.

On Sunday, the Portuguese still spoke out via Instagram and apologised for his behaviour.

It is not always easy to deal with his emotions in such moments, he said, “but we have to be respectful and patient at all times. We are role models for all the young players who love this wonderful game.”

That is why he wants to apologise to the fan and invite him to a game at Old Trafford – as a sign of fair play.

Alleged fan’s mother makes allegations

Sarah Kelly, who claimed to be the Everton supporter’s mother in a Liverpool Echo interview, initially made serious allegations against Ronaldo on Sunday.

She said her son, 14-year-old Jake Harding, had been “attacked” and “injured” by the Portuguese. She described the alleged incident as follows.

“After the final whistle, the ManUnited players walked off the field. We were near the tunnel, my son was filming everyone. He held his phone down because Ronaldo pulled his sock down because he was bleeding. Then Ronaldo walked past and knocked the phone out of my son’s hand and just kept walking,” Kelly claimed.

In addition, the boy’s mother revealed that he allegedly suffers from autism and dyspraxia. He had been “completely shocked” after Ronaldo’s action. Apparently, Jake was at a football match in the stadium for the first time in his life.

Ronaldo’s apology – not good enough?

What’s more, Ronaldo’s apology didn’t go far enough for her: speaking to Telegraph Sport, the angry mother said, “The apology or lack of apology upset me even more.”

She continued, “I just thought to myself, how rude – you’re explaining to everyone that you apologised but you didn’t. Okay, you posted it on social media … But you should be apologising to my son.”

Maguire fudges unhappily

Team manager Ralf Rangnick’s side are only seventh in the table after the Everton defeat.

Anthony Gordon (27th) scored the only goal for the home side. The 21-year-old’s shot was decisively deflected by captain Harry Maguire, of all people, who was recently made fun of by Bayern star Alphonso Davies.

For Everton it was an important success in the fight to stay in the league. The Toffees extended their narrow lead over the relegation places to four points.

Champions League qualification, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly difficult for United. The Red Devils need to get back on track to have a chance of reaching the top four.