After missing out on the play-offs, the Angeles Lakers are being heavily criticised. Stars and media react to the historic disgrace.

It was a GAU that is likely to reverberate for a long time:

The Los Angeles Lakers missed out on the play-in tournament and with it the 2022 playoffs.

The 110-121 loss to the Phoenix Suns destroyed LeBron James’ franchise’s dream of another title after 2020.

The result is bewilderment, sadness and anger – even in the night there was a corresponding echo in the US media, with criticism and comments on the star team.

Active and former NBA stars are also speaking out.

Reactions: “The Lakers are an atrocity”.

Magic Johnson (former player with the Lakers): “Injuries played a role, but we just played bad basketball. Players have to focus on the franchise and forget about everything else around it. You can’t just point the finger at Vogel because everyone is partly to blame.”

Frank Vogel (Head Coach Lakers): “I am extremely disappointed. We let down our fans and the Buss family who gave us this opportunity. We wanted to bring success to the Lakers, but we didn’t. It wasn’t because of the effort.”

Anthony Davis (Lakers star player): “Our goal was the championship and I continue to believe we had everything in the team to do that. But all the injuries prevented that, that’s been the difference this season. We had more different starting fives than wins.”

Channing Frye (former Lakers and Suns player): “Damn, no fight at all…”

Eddie A. Johnson (former Suns player): “The Suns are enjoying the Lakers shutout tonight. Devin Booker shows why he deserves to be MVP.”

Josh Richardson (former San Antonio Spurs player): “Well, well, well…”

Stephen A. Smith (ESPN commentator): “The Lakers are an atrocity.”

Kendrick Perkins (former Boston Celtics player): “This Lakers team not making the playoffs is one of the biggest disappointments in NBA history. It’s one thing to underperform in the playoffs. But to not make it at all is ridiculous.”

Mockery for superstar LeBron

There was also derision for LeBron James: one Lakers supporter had a guess as to how things will go for the 37-year-old – and already saw him in a deck chair on a beach holiday in Cancun, Mexico.

The New Orleans Pelicans were also surprised by this outcome: “We’ll meet the Spurs.”

The press echo in the USA:

New York Times: “The last glimmer of hope for the Los Angeles Lakers this season is gone.”

ESPN: “The Lakers have potentially five future Hall of Famers on their roster – LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard – and still couldn’t find a way to make the playoffs.”

Los Angeles Times, “It’s all over, the Lakers’ experiment is officially a failure this season.”