Charles Leclerc crashes Niki Lauda’s legendary Ferrari in Monaco on Sunday. The cause of the accident is a defective brake disc.

The crash of Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc in Monaco with Niki Lauda’s legendary Ferrari has caused quite a stir.

Now the reason for the crash of the world championship leader has apparently been found.

As reports, the front left brake disc broke shortly before the accident. A photo taken shortly before Leclerc’s spin shows the destroyed part on the ground.

On Sunday, Leclerc suddenly skidded on his third lap and slammed backwards into the guardrail of the Rascasse corner. This caused severe damage to the rear wing and other parts of the Ferrari 312B3.

Immediately after the incident, Leclerc made it clear that it had not been a driving error but a technical defect.

“I lost the brakes! I lost the brakes! I braked but the pedal was hard and it went all the way into the floor,” said the Monegasque.

Niki Lauda had won his first world championship title with the Ferrari 312B3 in 1975.