AS Monaco is one of the most fun teams to watch in the ongoing Euroleague. According to a report, the club from the principality will remain in the league.

As reported by L’Equipe, Monaco will receive a guaranteed starting spot in the upcoming Euroleague season regardless of their performance in the current season. The 2021 Euro Cup winners would thus compete in the European top flight for the third time in a row.

However, the necessary approval of the Euroleague shareholders is still missing, but this seems certain. “To say that the place is already guaranteed is not correct in itself. But I will put it this way: we want Monaco to develop further in the Euroleague,” said federation boss Marshall Glickman after a visit to AS.

If Russia ends the Ukraine war, things could get difficult again

Normally, 13 of the 18 Euroleague starters have a permanent licence (including FC Bayern Basketball), and the remaining five clubs are invited using a wild-card allocation procedure. Since ZSKA Moscow, one of the licence holders, is currently suspended due to the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, there are only twelve licence clubs and six wild-card clubs.

One of them will remain Monaco – unless Russia ends the war and ZSKA is allowed to compete in the Euroleague again, but it does not look like that will happen at the moment. “Considering that ZSKA won’t return next season – even though no one knows what will happen geopolitically – it shouldn’t be a problem to keep Monaco. Once Moscow is integrated again, it becomes more complicated,” says Glickman.

Permanently in the Euroleague? Glickman names one condition

All thoughts in this direction would have been superfluous anyway, should Monaco make it into the playoffs. After the 64-60 win against co-favourites Piraeus on Tuesday, the team around superstar Mike James is in second place in the main round and is thus on the verge of securing qualification by sporting means.

Glickman, meanwhile, is looking even further ahead. Monaco could keep the Euroleague permanently, but the prerequisite – as the federation boss let slip – is a new hall. At the moment, AS plays in the Salle Gaston Medecin, which only has room for 2800 spectators.