Another violent accident by Mick Schumacher caused a race interruption at the Formula 1 race in Monaco. The 23-year-old lost control of his Haas on the 27th lap, but is “physically okay”.

The Haas spun on its axis and broke in two when it hit the track barrier. “I’m okay, I just don’t understand it,” Schumacher radioed to the pits from his destroyed bolide. After his stay in the medical centre, Schumacher stepped up to the microphone on “Sky” and explained that he was “physically okay”. The German also looked visibly disappointed: “We had good speed to get even further ahead.”

On the partly still wet track, the car had broken away abruptly and for no initially apparent reason. However, Schumacher himself recognised that he “was a bit too far out in turn 14” and “misjudged”. The safety car was then sent out onto the track, and a little later the race was interrupted with a red flag for repair work at the site of the impact. All cars waited from then on for the restart, which was scheduled for 5.15 pm.

At the end of March, Schumacher’s accident in Saudi Arabia had caused anxious minutes. During the qualifying in Jeddah, the German crashed into the track barrier at more than 200 km/h. The car broke into three pieces. The car broke into three pieces. Schumacher survived the crash unscathed, but due to the severe damage to his Haas, he did not take part in the Grand Prix the following day.