From now on, rioting and pyrotechnics will have severe consequences in England. Automatic minimum penalties apply.

English professional football is making good on its announcement and taking stricter action against its fans in the event of misconduct.

From now on, anyone involved in a riot will be banned from their favorite club’s home and away games for at least one year.

Carrying or burning smoke bombs and pyrotechnics will also be automatically punished with the twelve-month ban.

The 20 Premier League clubs agreed on this on Wednesday. Accordingly, the penalties can also be extended to parents or accompanying persons who have gone to a match with their children who have become conspicuous.

The Premier League, the English Football Association (FA), and the English Football League (second to fourth division) had already agreed on tougher sanctions at the end of July.

These are intended for rioting and pyrotechnics, but also drug abuse or discrimination.

A statement to this effect was supported by the fan group Football Supporters’ Association.

The leagues and associations are responding with their measures to the recent cases of rioting and violence in English stadiums.