The “Barca Leaks” bring further material to the public that reveals Gerard Piqué’s abstruse salary. The Spaniard currently earns more than Cristino Ronaldo and is expected to earn eleven million euros more next year, were it not for a special clause.

After the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo had already made public Lionel Messi’s abstruse demands regarding a contract extension, it is now causing a stir again.

At the center of the “Barca leaks”, this time is Gerard Piqué, who desperately wanted to become the highest-paid center-back in 2018 and earn more than his Madrid rival Sergio Ramos. He was granted this wish by then-president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

So he signed a four-year contract until 2022, which should bring him a total of 142 million euros gross. The annual salary was 28.4 million euros gross, including income from image rights and a tax bonus, and could increase even further through numerous bonuses.

After deducting the tax, Piqué is said to have ended up with a guaranteed salary of twelve million euros, and up to 15 million euros are said to have been possible through bonuses.

Piqué earns more than Ronaldo & Lewandowski

Then, when the Catalans were hit by the Corona pandemic in 2020, Piqué’s contract was extended by two years until 2024, while payments were pushed back.

This was to cushion the years with the toughest cuts from the pandemic. Other Barca professionals also negotiated new contracts or even gave up money for this reason.

According to the newspaper, Piqué is thus said to have drawn a salary reduced to €18 million gross in the 2020/21 season. In the following years, however, it increased significantly. In 2021/22, it was probably 27.7 million euros, which grew to 29.5 million euros this year.

This puts Piqué ahead of the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is said to earn €27 million at Manchester United, and team-mate Robert Lewandowski, who is paid €23 million a year.

Does the clause prevent Piqué’s €40m salaries?

However, that is not the end of the story. Next year, Piqué’s salary would reach its zenith at an incredible 40.8 million euros and could rise even further with bonuses.

Barcelona themselves is of course aware of this and would like to avoid these payments, which is why, according to another Spanish newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, a clause has been anchored in Piqué’s contract.

According to this clause, Piqué’s contract would end after this season if he played less than 35 percent of the games. This may also be the reason why Piqué was only used in two of the eight games.