Danny Drinkwater announces his final departure from Chelsea. The 32-year-old reviews his time in London – with very honest words.

In 2016 he sensationally won the English championship with Leicester City, but since then Danny Drinkwater’s career has only known one path – down.

A year after winning the title with the Foxes, the midfielder moved to Chelsea FC. The Blues paid just under 38 million euros for the Englishman’s services – a total mistake.

In five years he played just 23 games for the Blues. Instead, he was repeatedly parked on loan at other clubs. First at Burnley FC and Aston Villa, later at the Turkish club Kasimpasa. Most recently, he played for the English second division club Reading FC.

Drinkwater addresses honest words to the fans

Now his time at Chelsea has finally come to an end. The 32-year-old’s contract expires at the end of the season, and he has now announced his departure via Instagram – and apologised to the Blues’ fans.

“My time at Chelsea has come to an end…. It feels really strange to write this. Myself, the club and the fans are very disappointed with the result, there is no doubt about that,” Drinkwater wrote.

The list of excuses explaining his failure in London could be endless, but he could not and would not change what had happened.

Drinkwater had caused a number of scandals in recent years. In April 2019, he caused a car accident while drunk – also as a result of some private setbacks. His grandmother, grandfather and dog had all died within a very short time. In addition to a two-year driving ban, he was suspended by Chelsea and deported to Burnley.

Things didn’t go well there either, in addition he got into an altercation with a guest during a nightclub visit – and also injured his ankle. At Aston Villa he headbutted a teammate and was also suspended.

“Will look at the positive”

But Drinkwater doesn’t want to think about the negative experiences any more. “I will look at the positives of the last five years: I’ve played with great players, been coached by great managers, worked with brilliant staff, met fantastic people, lived in beautiful places, travelled the world and won more titles.”

He honestly admitted: “Football is a fantastic sport, but it was a business gone wrong for both sides, it’s that black and white.”

He concluded by saying, “To Chelsea fans, I apologise for the way things have turned out. I would have loved for you guys to see me at my best in this jersey, doing what I love. All the best.”

Where Drinkwater will now move to is yet to be confirmed.