Tiemoué Bakayoko was recently the victim of a police mix-up in Milan. Now the Frenchman criticises the officers’ harsh approach.

Tiemoué Bakayoko has come forward after his police shock!

The 27-year-old was detained by Italian police during a traffic stop and taken out of his vehicle at the beginning of July. An officer then patted Bakayoko down while a policewoman pointed her drawn gun into his car, which contained another person – as it quickly turned out, there had been a mix-up.

Now the Frenchman revealed new details about the explosive incident to the Gazzetta dello Sport: “Why didn’t they just ask me for my documents? In the video, you can only see the quiet part. I had a pistol at one metre distance, they clearly put our lives in danger”.

Bakayoko said the police mishandling was a human error, which he had “no problem” with. However, the midfielder denounced “the manner and the method”. “I think they went too far,” he said.

“What would have been the next steps?”

After a short time, the police realised their own mistake and immediately apologised. Still, the action remains puzzling to Bakayoko.

The AC Milan player asked: “What would have been the next steps? Would they have taken me to the police station?” These things make him think. He said it was “unacceptable that people’s lives are put at risk in this way.”

Bakayoko attributed the fact that the mix-up was quickly cleared up to his own reaction: “The consequences could have been much more serious if I hadn’t kept calm and been recognised in time.”