AC Milan have done it! After the first Scudetto in eleven years, all the dams burst in the stadium. Players hug each other and fans storm the pitch. Some supporters, however, took advantage of the exuberant situation on the pitch for other purposes.

Bad mood at AC champion coach Stefano Pioli – and that despite winning the Serie A title.

Reason: His medal, which every Rossoneri player and official received after winning the Serie A championship, was stolen. After the 3:0 victory on the last matchday against Sassuolo Calcio and the resulting Scudetto after eleven years, Milan’s supporters stormed the pitch in joy. In the process, a “fan” stole the gold metal from the 56-year-old.

Pioli himself has now spoken out about the theft: “Someone stole the winner’s medal from my neck. It’s the only one I have, so it would be nice to get it back.”

But the thief apparently has other intentions. A photo of the Italian’s medal is circulating on Twitter. Under the photo it says “Thank you Pioli”. The wrongly acquired piece is apparently even being offered for sale on the internet!

Nevertheless, if the thief does not report to Pioli, the Italian federation will replace the medal.

Pioli brought about the turnaround

The coach has more than earned his medal. Pioli put the red-and-black team back on course for the title after they had often disappeared into Serie A mediocrity in recent years. Since last winning the title in 2011, the Rossoneri have missed out on the European Cup three times.

Milan made it to the Champions League last year after the 56-year-old took over in 2019. Despite that, he was on the verge of being replaced by Ralf Rangnick in 2020.

Now Pioli is at the top of Serie A with Milan.