Mick Schumacher’s little stray into the Mercedes pit was his only lapse in Canada. The restart was a success – even if he didn’t finish. There was also praise from Ferrari.

This time, Mick Schumacher did not have to worry about seven-figure accident costs on the plane. The confidence of better times this year outweighed the frustration of missing out on his first Formula 1 points again when he left Canada. And there was plenty of praise, even if Schumacher again failed to finish in his Haas.

“He has improved,” Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto said of the 23-year-old Scuderia youngster: “Now he just needs to stay focused and concentrate, build more experience and confidence.”

Because Schumacher’s future is at stake. His contract with Ferrari partner Haas ends after this season. What will happen to the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher? Much is currently open, the self-promotion in Montreal came at the right time. “It was an important liberating blow,” emphasised uncle Ralf Schumacher. The Sky pundit added: “There was a bit of unrest before, for whatever reason. You don’t know.”

With his serious accidents in Saudi Arabia and Monaco, the pressure had increased on the former Formula 3 and Formula 2 champion. In his title years in the junior classes, he had turned up in the second year in each case. In Formula 1, Mick Schumacher’s ascent stuttered for the first time in his second year.
Steiner’s fears

The crash costs are a burden on the account of the already cash-strapped American racing team. Team boss Günther Steiner already feared the “splitting of the team from the outside”, which would not be good for Mick Schumacher.

Drive defect slows Schumacher down

Time for a change of mood, Mick Schumacher had announced a new start for Canada. And he kept his word, at least as far as his own performance was concerned. Sixth in qualifying and thus better than ever before in extremely difficult conditions on a wet track. And in the race in sunshine he also held a promising position in the first half of the field – until a drive defect stopped Schumacher after less than a third of the race distance.

“We showed that we have what it takes to be in the points,” he said afterwards. “I think today would have been it actually, but then just on another day.”

In search of the right outcome

Despite the anger about the exit, the overall performance once again had the effect of lifting the mood of the record-breaking world champion’s son. His eyes were wide, his smile broad. It didn’t matter that he got lost in the Mercedes pit at some point during the weekend. There, the bosses looked a little puzzled when Mick Schumacher was looking for the right exit.

Mercedes has Schumacher on its radar

But team boss Toto Wolff had recently hinted in an RTL interview that he could imagine Schumacher in a Silver Arrow at some point. “Why not?” he had replied. They were happy with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, he said, and also had a couple of good juniors who were developing. “But Mick, with or without the name Schumacher, with the strengths I mentioned earlier, is someone who will always be on the radar for us.” Even more so if he continues as he did on the restart in Montreal.