Lionel Messi talks about his time of suffering after the infection. Last but not least, the PSG superstar also paid the personal price for false ambition.

The virus raged more than expected – and manifested itself in a lasting way.

Lionel Messi has admitted to struggling with intense late effects after his Corona infection.

“The truth is that it hit me very hard. And it left its mark on me, there were after-effects especially in the lungs,” the Paris Saint-Germain superstar said in an interview with Argentine TV channel TyC Sports.

Messi, who tested positive earlier this year, added: “I couldn’t train. I came back and couldn’t even walk properly for about a month and a half because my lungs were affected.”

This is how badly Corona bagged PSG star Lionel Messi

The 34-year-old admitted, however, that he had underestimated his health situation at first and even pushed for his comeback earlier out of false ambition, against the advice of doctors.

With fatal results: “I came back before I should have. And it got worse because I was too hasty. That set me back,” Messi said, looking back on his return to the pitch as early as 23 January in a 4-0 win over Stade Reims after just three games off.

“I wanted to run and train – I just wanted to keep going. And in the end it got worse,” said the Argentina national football team captain.

It is possible that Messi’s late coronary problems were the reason for his rather mediocre season at PSG after his transfer from FC Barcelona, which was accompanied by huge hype.

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“This year will be different. I’m already prepared for what’s coming,” Messi said of the future. He “knows the club, I know the city, I feel a bit more comfortable in the dressing room with my teammates, and I know it will be different.”