The PSG superstar disappointed in sporting terms last season. Now Lionel Messi is trying his luck off the football pitch in another field.

Lionel Messi has made a guest appearance in the Argentine TV series “Los Protectores”.

The first eight episodes, released a few months ago, were about three football agents who had to find a way out of bankruptcy. Eventually, a coveted star player turned up and the trio decided to act together as protectors.

It is not yet known what role Messi will play in the second season. Besides Buenos Aires, filming also took place in the Argentinean’s current home, Paris.

“It really surprised us all, not only with his quality as a person, but also with his acting quality. I think he’s better as a person than on the pitch,” one of the actors enthused in Mundo Deportivo.

The new episodes are scheduled to air next year. The Star+ production will be shown in France on Canal+.