Benjamin Mendy has broken his silence in court and made a statement about the rape allegations against him.

At a court in Chester, the suspended Manchester City left-back has been facing allegations from female accusers since 10 August.

The charges: seven counts of rape, one count of attempted rape, and one count of sexual assault.

Mendy told the jury that it had been easy for him to come into contact with women since he was eighteen. It started when he played for Olympique Marseille in Ligue 1.

ManCity switch increased activity significantly

The 28-year-old cited his status as a professional footballer as the reason why contact with women was easily established. However, he had immediately made it clear to the ladies what his intentions would have been and had not thought about disappointing them.

Mendy further explained when asked that it “became ten times more” when he made the move to Manchester City in 2017.

However, due to his injury history, he would have been sad, and so part of his routine would have been to go out partying two to three times a week, followed by taking women to his villa.

Mendy went on to say that he “enjoyed having sex with many women”, often several in one evening. He also said that he did not use contraceptives, even though he was aware of the risks.

However, if the woman said “no” during the act, he “accepted it and stopped”, the 28-year-old stated.

Change of heart due to prison stay?

However, when Mendy was then remanded in custody in August 2021 and ultimately served time there until January 2022, a change of heart is said to have taken place.

“I learned many things about life and myself,” the Frenchman revealed.

However, Mendy continues to deny the accusations against him.