Kylian Mbappé is currently the number one topic of conversation, and the striker has now revealed that another club besides Real and PSG was involved in the transfer saga.

The transfer drama surrounding Kylian Mbappé has caused a stir in the world of football.

For a long time it seemed that the 23-year-old would move on to Real Madrid in Spain, but in the end he decided to stay at Paris Saint-Germain – allegedly also because of an astronomical hand money of 300 million euros.

Apart from PSG and Real, however, there was apparently another club in the draw.

Mbappé: “We talked a bit”.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Mbappé revealed that he had spoken to Liverpool FC twice in his career about a possible move.

“We talked a bit, but not too much,” the 23-year-old said. The Reds are his mother Fayza Lamari’s favourite club, he said: “I spoke to Liverpool because my mother loves Liverpool. Why? I don’t know.”

But it wasn’t just this transfer summer that the Reds tried their luck. Back in 2017, Liverpool courted the French super talent, as the PSG star revealed: “It’s a big club and we met with them five years ago.” Mbappé was still playing for AS Monaco at the time and was ready for the next step – which he then completed at PSG.

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp had also recently commented on Mbappé: “Of course we are interested in Kylian Mbappé, we are not blind.” He went on to say that “you have to question yourself” if you are not willing to sign such a superstar.

However, he did not hold out much hope for a transfer – the financial became a major hurdle: “We are not part of these battles.”
Financial reasons? This is what Mbappé says

Despite the sums in question, money is said not to have played an overriding role for Mbappé: “My money goes into my account, I look at it from time to time, but I don’t really care. I’m here to win titles, to show that I’m the best and to be happy.

In addition, Mbappé confirmed that he almost ended up at Madrid last season. “I was sure it would be a good decision to leave last year. However, the situation is different now, I am French and I know I am important for the country.”