Liverpool FC are having an outstanding 2022 so far, with centre-back Joel Matip singing the praises of midfield ace Thiago.

oel Matip is having a strong season in the Liverpool kit. Not for nothing was he voted Premier League Player of the Month in February.

But also the other Liverpool players are hardly to be stopped since the beginning of this year. Jürgen Klopp’s team has already won 15 matches in 2022. This compares to just two draws and only one defeat – outstanding.

“What he is doing is already unbelievable”

Ahead of the weeks of truth, Matip has now praised a colleague in the highest terms: midfielder Thiago.

“He is ball security personified. He tears extra gaps with his movements and embodies the fine art of football. I don’t know how many eyes he has in his head, but what he does is incredible,”

The Spanish international Thiago moved from FC Bayern to Liverpool in September 2020. Both clubs could meet in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Then it would come to the reunion of two old acquaintances.