The IOC has once again stripped the World Boxing Association (IBA) of its responsibility for qualifying and Olympic competitions at the 2024 Summer Games because of ongoing turmoil.

“Enough is enough,” Kit McConnell, sports director of the International Olympic Committee, said on Friday after a decision by IOC top brass. He said whether boxing would remain part of the Olympic programme beyond Paris 2024 to Los Angeles 2028 would be decided at a later date.

The IBA had already been excluded from the organisation of the boxing tournament at the Tokyo Games last year.

The decision was “in the interest of the athletes and the boxing community”, they said. Exactly how the competitions for qualification and at the Paris Games themselves will be organised is to be decided by the IOC in consultation with the Olympic organisers.

Manipulation of combat judgements and more

The IOC had suspended the IBA 2019. The reasons were manipulations of fight judgements, non-transparent financial dealings and dubious leaders such as the Uzbek Gafur Rakhimov, who was said to be involved in international drug deals. The new IBA head, Umar Kremlev, is backed by the Russian energy giant Gazprom, on which the cash-strapped IBA is heavily dependent financially.

The election of Kremlev had recently been marred again by disagreements because several candidates had been excluded in advance. The International Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) subsequently declared this illegal.