Last week, Legends of Runeterra developer Riot Games announced that it would focus more on the PvP aspect of the card game. This announcement is now to be made true via a patch.

“After much discussion and consideration, we […] have decided to no longer split the focus of the game between the PvP gameplay experience and the Path of Champions game mode. Rather, we want to focus entirely on our core community of PvP players.”

With this sentence in the blog post entry published on 03 June, Riot Games made the direction of travel of Legends of Runeterra for the coming months quite clear. Now the initial blog announcement by Executive Producer Dave Guskin was followed by confirmation from LoR game designer Steve Rubin via Twitter.

Via Twitter, he revealed to the LoR community exactly how the implementation is to take place with more of a PvP focus. And that is with a real giant patch!

LoR: Huge patch brings massive gameplay changes

The implementation of patch 3.10 will bring 40(!) map changes alone. But that’s not all.

In addition to that, the currently top archetypes such as the tempo-oriented Aphelios/Fizz Fairy deck or the board-centric Mono-Demacia deck with Galio and Bard are to receive special attention when distributing the nerf hammer blows.

There are also supposed to be some system changes regarding played cards, buffs for a more constant removal of landmarks and changes to the spell “Torch” created by Annie among others.

It is not yet known when exactly the new patch will go online. However, there are indications that the changes will go live as early as next week Wednesday (22 June) or at the latest the following week on 29 June.