In Beijing on Thursday, six and a half weeks after the end of the Winter Olympics and three and a half weeks after the conclusion of the Paralympics, the last volunteers were released from mandatory quarantine and returned to their families after several months.

As a measure against the spread of the Corona pandemic, the approximately 19,000 local volunteers had to submit to the strictest security rules.

“I can only imagine how emotional it is for you to be reunited with your friends and families whom you have not seen for so long,” IOC President Thomas Bach wrote in a message of thanks: “Please enjoy this moment to the fullest and share your Olympic memories.”

Three-week quarantine after last day of work

The volunteers had been required to segregate themselves for several weeks before entering the Olympic and Paralympic bubble, followed by another three-week quarantine after their last day of work before returning to society.

China is now very much struggling with the pandemic, most recently the mega-metropolis of Shanghai went into a hard-hitting lockdown.