Toni Kroos was already back on the pitch a week before the start of training at Real Madrid. But not in the Spanish capital as usual, but at a football camp for children in Cologne.

Remarkable commitment by Toni Kroos!

Kroos did not spend his last days of holiday before the start of Real Madrid’s preparation on a sunny beach, but took on the role of a youth coach.

Between 27 June and 2 July, the German international held a one-week training camp for children in Cologne. Originally, the project set up by the Toni-Kroos-Academy was launched about a year ago as an app. In the future, however, the focus will increasingly be on physical units.

The special highlight for all the children: Kroos not only gave his name to the camp, but was also there in person every day – thus fulfilling a big dream for all the participants.

“It was a fantastic week”

True to the motto “train like the pros”, the Real Madrid midfielder led the activities of four different age groups together with other specially selected coaches. Brother Felix Kroos also visited the camp in the middle of the week and was actively involved.

Exercises from the Royal team’s daily training routine were an integral part of the Academy days and provided an appropriate framework for the motto.

 At least that’s what many parents and children told us afterwards. In any case, I had a lot of fun training with all the children and young people and spending intensive hours.”

It is quite possible that the five-time Champions League winner has not experienced such intensive hours for the last time and that he will increase his own presence in the Academy after his active career.

Kroos: Camp “is really great fun”

“I don’t see myself as a professional coach, even though Carlo Ancelotti once said publicly recently that he thought I could do it. Becoming a professional coach is not my plan after my playing career”,

The 2014 World Cup winner does not see his commitment as a classic job. “It’s not work, it’s really great fun,” he said and was pleased that all the camp members “took part really well and were passionate about it.

In total, he said, more than 500 children were present at the Cologne sports facility over the entire week.

Not least because of the huge success, the 32-year-old announced that it “won’t have been the last physical camp”. “And with the app, we are also constantly growing, turning new chapters and inspiring the users.”