The blackmail saga surrounding Juve star Paul Pogba continues. In an interview, the Frenchman opens up about the crime.

“They pointed their guns at me”: Paul Pogba reveals shocking details about the blackmail case that shocked the football world.

Meanwhile, the French star’s older brother and four other men are on trial over the blackmail allegations. The Juventus newcomer, on the other hand, is said to be under police protection in Turin, according to media reports – as is his mother.

In an interview with Le Monde, the 29-year-old now spoke in more detail about the crime for the first time.

“I was scared,” Pogba said, recalling the event. “The two men pointed their guns at me again.”

“Then, when I saw the guns pointed at me, I told them I would pay,” the Frenchman recounted, “They shouted, ‘Shut up, look down. One of the two hooded men spoke in Roushdane’s (gang member) ear. When the hooded men left, Roushdane told me I had to pay them or we would all be in danger.”

Uncertain times for Pogba

According to Pogba, Roushdane claimed it was normal for something like this to happen to a famous footballer.

Pogba will not be seen on the football pitch again anytime soon. The Juventus newcomer is currently suffering from a meniscus injury.

Possible participation in the World Cup is therefore still in the stars.