“We hope we won’t have any damage in Baku,” Haas team boss Günther Steiner said ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

This weekend, Formula 1 will be guesting in Azerbaijan at the Baku City Circuit. Haas team boss Günther Steiner warns of more costly accidents and admonishes his drivers Mick Schumacher and Kevin Magnussen: “We hope we won’t have any damage in Baku.”

Instead of racing to the championship points in the strengthened Haas in his second season, Schumacher completely destroyed his company car for the second time this year at the seventh race of the season in Monaco. The major crash again tore a deep hole in the racing team’s tight budget and demolished the reputation of the son of record champion Michael Schumacher.

Steiner already has the following race in Canada in mind, which is just one week after the Grand Prix in Baku: “We only have a few days to set up there. So when you have damage to the car, it becomes even more difficult.”

Schumacher, however, is confident ahead of the race on the Baku street circuit. “Baku and Monaco are very different. It’s a matter of adapting quickly. I think Baku will actually feel quite wide compared to Monaco,” Schumacher said. You should be in a good position for Baku, “especially because our car has worked well on almost every track so far”. In Monaco, however, his bolide broke in two.

The season started promisingly for the team. But while Magnussen has already scored 15 points, Schumacher is still waiting for his first.