The Nordic combined women will not receive a place at the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan and Cortina.

The head of the International Olympic Committee decided on Friday against the inclusion of a women’s competition in the sport. In addition, the IOC also fundamentally questioned the Olympic future of the Nordic combined. Inclusion in the programme for the 2030 Winter Games would depend on a significant further development in the diversity of participants and spectator interest.

In the women’s event, there are currently only athletes from ten nations. “No one outside Europe is doing this sport,” said IOC official Karl Stoss. The combined event will thus be the only sport in Milan and Cortina in which only men will compete. Women have been competing in World Cup events since 2020, and World Cup medals were awarded for the first time in 2021. In 2023, there will also be a mixed team competition at the World Championships.

But that was not enough for the IOC. Rather, the ring circle expressed “great concern” about the situation in the Nordic combined. The IOC had only left the men’s competitions on the programme for 2026 because the athletes had already been working towards these Games for years.

New: double-seater luge and ski jumping from the large hill

New additions to the programme are women’s competitions in the double-seater luge and ski jumping from the large hill. The IOC also confirmed ski mountaineering as a new Olympic sport with three competitions. In addition, there will also be a skeleton mixed and mogul competitions for ski freestylers in Milan and Cortina.